Semi-Accurate Record of Changes to Alumni Page

    Moved Steve Isaacson from Peak Systems to Boeing (just noticed this)
    Moved Doug Stevens and Perry Dillard to Intelius (as per Perry 7/15 & 8/11)
    Add Dan McHarness to SolutionsIQ (as per Dan 3/11/09)
    Removed Jeanne Stensland from Chase (as per Jeanne 2/17/09)
    Moved Russell Brito From Starbucks to Wells Fargo (as per Russell 1/26/09)
    Added Jessica Plesko to (as per Jessica 1/19/09)
    Tod Martin now Chief Technology Officer of PartyGaming
    Added Sean Bahner-Guhin to Primhall (Distribution Processing Manager)
      (as per Sean 1/19/09)
    Moved Bill Davis from IDEXX to Mass Integrated Systems (after this finally 
      dawned on me after about 100 emails to his new address over the past 
      couple years)
    Added Patty (Ellsworth) Gallagher to Getty Images (as per LinkedIn)
    Added Loren West to Hotwall, as per Mikey and Loren
    Added Mikey to Brightlight as per Mikey (he's also working with Hotwall)
    Moved Sean Boltman from Epok to Statera as per LinkedIn
    Removed Doug Stevens from Epok as per Mikey
    Added Dave Hanses and Perry Dillard to Steampunk Webwerks
    Returned Kevin McCall to active Microsoft as per Kevin long ago 
    Added Joel Blatt to Sigtran Consulting as per his facebook entry
    Added Mark Tapper to Real Networks as per his facebook entry
    Moved Jim Wilson from Microsoft to United Way of King County as per his 
      facebook entry
    Moved Tom Bauer from Ceridian to Oracle as per LinkedIn
    Added Dan Benson to T-Mobile as per LinkedIn
    Added Pat Binkley to Zumobi (VP of Engineering) as per LinkedIn
    Moved Sean DOdson from Amazon to Russell Investments as per LinkedIn
    Moved Trevor German from Vidiator to JDSU as per LinkedIn
    Removed Lisa Keller from Sage as per LinkedIn
    Moved Stan Lanning from CarDomain to EMC as per Facebook & LinkedIn
    Moved Jim Leff from Vidiator to JDSU as per LinkedIn
    Added Mike Muldoon to Seeqpod as per LinkedIn
    Moved Lisa Logic from T-Mobile to AT&T Mobility, as per Lisa 1/14
    Moved Erik Aiken from Cardomain to CapitalStream as per Tracy 7/8/08
    Moved Tracy (Crain) Aiken from Provant to CapitalStream as per Tracy 7/8/08
    Moved Tod Martin from IVY Comptech to PartyGaming (Gibralter) (Group                Technology Director) as per Tod 3/18/08
    Moved Karen Lower from to Continental Data Graphics as per Karen 3/10/08
    Moved Cindy (Hansen) McKelvy to Continental Data Graphics as per Karen
    Moved Sudhir Nair, Vasu Atteeri from Countrywide to Bank of America 
      due to acquisition
    Moved Sean Bahner-Guhin to Ritz Camera, as per Sean 3/10/2008 (also
      adjunct prof. at Plattsburgh State University and consulting through
      Heron Reed Consulting 
    Moved Andrew Jans from SBI to Vector Software (Vancouver) as per 
      Andrew 3/9/2008
    Moved 13 people from WaMu to JPMorgan Chase (though most of these persons
      are being transition out in 2009)
    Added Bridget Cavanaugh to O'Berry;Cavanaugh (as per Bridget 3/9)
    Added Dan Hobbs at CNET (as per Dan 3/9)
    Added Andrew Jans to Vector Software (as per Andrew, now in Vancouver WA, 3/9
    Added Paul Baumgartner to Streamline Health (as per Paul 3/9)
    Moved Dean Welch from Expeditors to Fred Hutch (as per Dean 3/9 and James earlier)
    Moved Tad Boyd from DT Tech to Advanced Clinical Software (as per Tad 2/5)
    Added Bret Glidwell to Nordstrom (as per Bret (10/15)
10/09/07 - Removed Rich Holladay from Epok (as per Rich 9/25)
    Moved Selva from Solucient to JDSU (as per Selva 8/15)
    Moved Ajay Pottirayil from J&L Industrial to Ferguson (as per Ajay 8/6)
    Added Matt Monahan ('97-'01) and Savo (as per Matt 6/18)
    Added Dean Welch to Expeditors (as per James Yan way back in Nov 2006)
05/06/07 - Moved Tod Martin from Catalytic to IVY Comptech (COO & Director Software 
       Development & QA) as per Tod
    Added Mark Parry to Minicom (Product Manager SCM) as per his email footer
    Added Lisa Logic to T-Mobile as per Lisa
03/25/07 - Removed Mike Steele, Loren West, Dave Hanses from Epok
    Changed SalesLogix (Lisa Keller) to Sage (aquisition) as per Lisa
    Added Amy Desy back at Zaaz as per Amy
    Changed Blue Martini (Rob Neibauer) to Escalate Retail (changed to Ecometry then merged)
    Removed Mark Mitchell from WaMu as per Dan Hale
    Removed Sean Bahner-Guhin from Home Bistro, currently Adjunct Faculty State University 
       of NY, Plattsburgh - as per Sean
    Added Spud Andrijeski to Iron Mountain (yes, I'd totally overlooked him this whole time)
06/19/06 - Moved Biju John from Concur (now doing contract work) (Jen Hinds)
    Moved Blaine Newland from TrendWest to Group Health (Jen)
    Moved Jackie Hartman to HBF Group (Jen)
    Moved Todd Olson from Versaly to Teague (Todd)
06/13/06 - Moved Jose Castellano from Gillani (and First Consulting Group) to Experian
       (as per Mikey and Jose)
    Move Sergio Ramirez from Shipxacct to Fourth Generation (as per Jose Castellano)
    Added Bill Davis to IDEXX (as I should have a long, long time ago)
    Added Karen Anunsen Lowder to Berger and Co. (This was from 2005, so may not be 
    Added Vasu Atteeri to Countrywide (from Sudhir?)
    Removed Dean Welch from WaMu
    Added photo of Dave Callahan's night job, removed obsolete Endura community link
02/07/06 - Moved Dave Overcash from Systech Solutions to Brightlight Consulting
      (VP, Service Delivery)
    Moved Sean Bahner-Guhin from Walker International to Home Bistro Foods 
      (Director of Manufacturing Operations)
    Moved Rich Crossland from Gillani to T-Mobile
    Moved Martina Su from T-Mobile to Univar, USA (as per Rich C.)
01/23/06 - Moved Lydia Ash from Microsoft to Google (as per Lydia, October 2005)
    Moved Greg Smith from Seattle Times to Washington Mutual
    Removed Jessica (Horswill) Plesko from Nordstrom as of 8/19 (as per Jessica, new baby)
    Removed Dan McHarness from Washington Mutual
    Removed Ashish Nachane from Washington Mutal (as per Fred)
    Moved Ravi Sheshappa from Delphion to VML (as per Fred)
    Added Jim Diels to Washington Mutual (as per Fred)
    Removed Nur Djuned from Nordstrom (independent consultant, as per Fred)
    Brian Hiegel passed away December 21, 2005
06/21/05 - Moved Chuck Evans from Empirix to Microsoft as per Satan
04/25/05 - Moved Michael Csendes from Infogain to King County as per Dave O.
    Moved Ravi Susarla from Infogain to Systech Solutions, Inc. as per Dave O.
    Moved Kim Lombard from Brems-Eastman to Intermec as per Scott M.
04/24/05 - Added Biju John to Concur as per Jen H.
04/23/05 - Add Eric Aiken to CarDomain as per Mike S., Rich H.
    Moved Stan (Banasky) Kenney from Teachers' School Supper to CarDomain as per Rich H.
04/23/05 - Added Scott Merrick to Orbitz for Business as per Scott
    Added Harry Little, Jim Leff, Trevor German to Vidiator as per Harry
    Moved Daren Kloes from WaMu to North County Bank as per Daren
    Removed Biju John from WaMu as he does not appear in intranet employee listing
    Removed Eric Aiken from Epok as per Rich H.
    Added links to Gary's sites
03/19/05 - Moved Steve Wells from Wilbur-Ellis to Trident Seafoods (as per Steve 3/18/05)
    Moved Nicole Davis from Seattle Seahawks to UW Athletic Dept. (as per Steve 3/18/05)
    Changed Jessica Horswill to Jessica Plesko (as per Jessica 1/17/05
    Moved Linda (Fosberg) Brecke from Point B to extended maternity leave (as per Linda 1/17/05)
01/16/04 - Moved David Overcash from InfoGain to Systech Solutions
    (as per Dave 10/04)
    Moved Richard Denoix from WaMu to Adobe (as per Dan McHarness 8/25/04)
    Added Mike Steele to Epok (as per Mikey 5/04)
    Moved Todd Olson from bSquare to Versaly (as per Todd 6/3/04)
    Added John Dawson to Eden Systems (as per Todd 6/3/04)
06/20/04 - Moved Greg Smith from Phillips Medical to Seattle Times
    Moved Rick Naten back to Wa State DOT
06/03/04 - Removed Mike Steele from Gillani
    Added Jose Castellano to Gillani
    Added Jeremy Emerson to Microsoft
    Removed Chuck Evans from Empirix
    Removed Kevin McCall from Microsoft
02/01/04 - Added Sudhir with Countrywide Financial (SVP)
    Added Sean Bi to Kuehne & Nagel (as per Sean on 12/19)
11/22/03 - Corrected mistakenly removing Biju John from Wamu (as per Biju)
    Added Ed Macias to First American (San Diego) (As per Mina Do)
    Changed name of Jathai to Peak Systems (as per Larry J)
    Added Kathy P. Bradley editing for Kathy's independent services
    Added Andrew Jans to SBI Group
    Added Chip White to YachtLease
    Corrected web link for Nigel Davies (as per Sudhir)
11/16/03 - Moved Linda Brecke (Fosberg) from PLS Consulting to Point B
    Moved Biju John out of Wamu (can't recall his new company)
    Moved Bill Davis out of Wamu, though he will be staying through 12/15
10/19/03 - Added Jeff Dirks to SchemaLogic
    Added Brian Hansford to Teamplate (as per Kevin McCall)
    Added Selva Rajagopal to Solucient (as per Selva 8/25)
    Added Dave Callahan to Microsoft
    Moved Jeanne Stensland from Expeditors to Washington Mutual
    Removed Rick Naten from Washington Transportation Dept.
08/23/03 - Moved Juan Carosso from Entomo to Laplink (As per Juan 8/18,
      SVP Sales & Biz Development)
    Removed Jackie Hartman from consulting with Concur (Jackie moved to Austin, TX)
    Added Michael Csendes to Infogain as per Debby Huntting 4/9
04/18/03 - Added Tom Dowd to Intermec (Director of Industrial Marketing) 
04/09/03 _ Moved Nigel Davies from Delphion to Catalyst (VP of Product Marketing)
    and Irene Podesenov from Safeco to Catalyst - as per Martin Quinn
    Moved Jackie Hartman from contracting at T-Mobile to contracting at Concur
      (for a few months before she moves to Austin) as per Jackie
04/06/03 - Moved OneName to zero alumni; Created Epok and moved Loren West,
    Doug Stevens, Dave McAlpin, Rich Holladay, Sean Boltman, Eric Aiken, 
    Perry Dillard and David Hanses there;
  Added Daren Kloes to Washington Mutual as per Fred
  Added Beth Benincasa (formerly Beth Hadd) to Microsoft as per Fred
03/03/03 - Moved Martinkus from Infospace to;
  Removed Sudhir, Dave Callahan from Wamu 
01/28/2003 - Added Harry Little to Digilex
01/19/2003 - As per Rich Crossland
  Removed Jeff Dirks from Capital Stream
  Moved Jim Diels from to Gillani (started 1/13)
  Removed Mike Peronto from Dantz (and added formerly with Wild Tangent)
  Noted Rich contracting for Gillani
    As per John Walters
  Added Eric Thorson back to GoAhead (he returned)
    As per Jeanne
  Moved Jeanne Stensland to Expeditors International
01/16/2003 - As per Fred
  Moved Richard Denoix from CommerceOne to Wamu
  Added Trevor German to Rapidigm
  Moved Tom Bauer from I2 to Ceridian
01/16/2003 - Removed Bob Weber from Gillani (as per Bob)
01/06/2003 - Added Mark Mitchell to Wamu (as per Mark)
01/04/2003 - Added Jen Hinds to Concur (as per Jen)
12/26/2002 - Added Stan (Banasky) Kennedy to Teachers' School Supply
12/10/2002 - Removed Natalie Hadfield Raines from Concur (as per Trey)
12/01/2002 - Added Scott Adams and Tom Gideon to SalesPath (as per Tom)
12/01/2002 - Added Mary Grossi to Concur (as per Jen Hinds)
11/28/2002 - Added Jackie Hartman to T-Mobile (starts 12/2, as per Fred)
11/28/2002 - Added Natalie Hadfield to Concur as per Chuck
11/28/2002 - Added Holistix (formerly employing alumni, acquired by Empirix)
10/14/2002 - Added Carol Thomas to SAP (as per Steve Wells)
10/14/2002 - Added Perry Dillard to Wamu
10/08/2002 - Added Tim Pann to Telecommunications Systems Inc.
  Moved Tom Gideon to former employees of Interwoven
10/06/2002 - Added David Bacon, Clark County
10/04/2002 - Added Fred Farris to Washington Mutual (starts 10/7)
09/21/2002 - Added Mark Selin to Microsoft (starts 9/23)
09/14/2002 - Added Juan Carroso to Entomo
  Moved Beth Hadd & Cindy (Hansen) McKelvy from GoAhead (as per Charlie)
09/07/2002 - Moved Charlie Montgomery from AOL to Microsoft (last day at
  AOL is 9/18)
09/07/2002 - Added Sean Bahner-Guhin, Walker International Transportation
  (starts 9/15 as Manager: Logistics Services - Process Improvement)
09/07/2002 - Moved Stuart Leonard from Lumedx to Washington Mutual
  (starts 9/9, I believe)
08/25/2002 - Added Tracy Crain, Provant/Weyerhaeuser
08/24/2002 - Added Tod Martin, Catalytic Software
  Added Jose Castellano, First Consulting Group
  Removed Selva Rajagopal from Delphion
  Added Rich Crossland, RDC Solution Services / Marine Hardware
08/15/2002 - Added Nicole Davis, Seattle Seahawks (Travel Coordinator)
  Added Madhaven Unni,
  Added Rodel Costales, Synygy
08/07/2002 - Moved Long Le from Peoplesoft to Cal State U (as per Long)
  As per Sudhir - Moved Irene Posedenov to Safeco, Mario Morfa to Real Networks
  Updated Immunex to Amgen
08/06/2002 - As per Mina Do:
  Added Annie Reksono to First American
  Added Choi Kwok to Microsoft
  Added Sanjiv Vora to Peoplesoft
  Added Jimmy Do to NewCentury
  Added Rodney Smith to Microsoft
  Moved Mina Do to NASOFT Inc.
08/04/2002 - Moved Captura to Concur (acquisition 7/31), removed Jen Hinds
  and Jackie as per Jen
  Moved Dave Hanses out of OneName
08/01/2002 - Added Scott Moore, Apex Systems
  Moved Jeanne Stensland from TrendsWest (laid off most dev staff)
07/31/2002 - Moved Bill Davis to Wamu
  As per John Walters:
    Added Tony Phillips to Asix (there many years)
    Moved Mark Parry from Hutchinson (moving to Australia)
    Added Brad Miller, John Betz, and Deby Weber to Microsoft
    Moved Juan from PureEdge (where now?)
    Added Eric Thorson to former list of GoAhead
07/16/2002 - Moved Dean Welch from to Wamu
  Added Greg Smith to Philips Medical Systems
07/13/2002 - Added Linda Brecke (Linda Fosberg, to be Linda Brecke in
  2 weeks) to PLS Consulting
07/08/2002 - Added Bill Redinger to Exigen as per Mark S.
  Added Tom Gideon to Interwoven,
  Moved Guhan to Wamu, finally gave in and fixed Ajay's name correctly
06/29/2002 - Moved Harold Bobroff from Starbucks to UW, as per Cathy S.
06/29/2002 - Added Chris Davis to Wamu
  Moved Jessica Horswill from Captura to Nordstrom (effective 7/9) 
  Added Tad Boyd to DT Tech Consulting as per Dave Overcash
  Moved Ravi Sheshappa from ShipXact to Delphion as per Fred
06/19/2002 - Added Kisten Fatland to Washington Mutual
06/17/2002 - Moved Larry Christenen to "Former" list of CapitalStream,
  as per Trevor
  Corrected spelling of "Ajay Potrirayl" to "Ajay Pottirayal"
06/16/2002 - Added Gordon Schaeffer, Blue Star Deals
06/16/2002 - Added Mark Plesko to Expeditors International
06/16/2002 - Corrected spelling of "Ajax Pottirayil" to "Ajay Potrirayl"
06/13/2002 - As per Fred, added Rick Boike, Navy Undersea Warfare Center
06/13/2002 - Corrected spelling of "Ajay Pottirayal" to "Ajax Pottirayil" 
06/13/2002 - Added Eric Rindy, Paul Baehr to Getty Images, as per Todd O.
06/13/2002 - Added Gary Martinkus, Ravi Susarla to InfoGain, as per Debbie
06/12/2002 - Moved Jackie Hartman back to (active) Captura, as per Jackie
06/12/2002 - Moved Tim Pann off Boeing list
06/12/2002 - As per Fred, added Selva to Delphion, Ashish Nachane to WaMu
06/12/2002 - Added Rick Naten, WA State Dept. of Transportation
06/11/2002 - As per Shelley:
  Added Bhanu to Wamu
  Added Jane Halloran to PathGuide Technoloies
06/11/2002 - Moved Pete, James, and Shelley to WaMU;
  Added box to subscribe to FourGenNation for updates
05/28/2002 - Added Dave Callahan and Dan Hale to WaMu, removed from Lumedx
  As per Fred, added Debbie to Nordstrom, Guhan to
  As per Lisa, removed Lisa Lessley Briscoe from WRQ, added entry for previous 
    position at Timberline Software, noted contracting at Xerox.
05/21/2002 - Added "Formerly" list of ex-employees to many entries
05/21/2002 - Added Sudhir and McHarness for Washington Mutual
05/21/2002 - Added Tom Armstrong Alexander Hutton
05/21/2002 - As per Mark Selin
  Scott Merrick no longer at WRQ, currently seeking options
  Stephanie Selin no longer at WRQ, now at Microsoft
  Mark Selin no longer at equarius, currently seeking options
  Mike Hoffler no longer at SalesLogix, now at Customer Systems Inc.
  Linda Fosberg no longer at Webtrends (works for "small counsulting
    consortium in Portland)
  Todd Olson now at bSquare
  Bill Redinger no longer at Siebel
  Kim Lombard now at Brems-Eastman
  Warren Reichlen now at eRoom Technology
05/09/2002 - As per Fred:
  David Callahan (no longer at Microsoft), Dan Hale, and Stuart Leonard
    are all working at   Lumedx -
  Removed Armature, and Irista
  Dave Thomas is no longer at Boeing
  Jennifer Hinds is at Captura
  Irene Podesenov is at Delphion
  Drew Marshall is no longer at Expeditors
  John Nowitsch is at JD Edwards
  Steve Wells is at Wilbur Ellis -
  Gary Martinkus is no longer at TradeTech. John Rabbers is.
  Mike Steele and Bob Weber are working for Gilani
  Ravi Sheshappa and Sergio Ramirez are working for ShipXact
  Jeanne Stensland is working for TrendWest Resorts
  Ajay Pottirayal is work for J&L Industrial Supply
  David Overcash is working for Infogain -
  Jim Diels is working for Holland America
  Ken Mock is working for Pathguide Technologies
  Tim Tanko is working for Eclipse, Inc. -
  Vasantha is working for Keystone Automotive
05/09/2002 - Moved eGanesha to 0
01/10/2002 - Added Biju to Wamu as per Biju; added Shelley to TradeTech
11/20/2001 - Added Steve Throckmorton ShareBuilder
  (formerly Netstock Direct?) as per Harry Little and Steve (Steve notes
  that Daren Kloes no longer there)
11/20/2001 - Added Lisa Keller (Sales Logix)
  removed Bruce Dahl from Tidemark,
  Removed nPassage (Tom Dowd) as per Mark Parry
11/16/2001 - Removed Mario Morfa, Ilene Samowitz from Capital Stream, 
  as per Don Cherry
11/15/2001 - As per Fred, 
  removed Jimmy Do from Armature (looking),
  removed Kate Halstead from Tenzing (independent consulting)
  removed Chip White from JD Edwards (looking)
  moved John Gorski from Getty Images to AT&T Wireless,
  added Drew Marshall (Expeditors International) 
11/15/2001 - Added Chuck, Empirix
11/14/2001 - Added Lydia Ash to Microsoft
11/14/2001 - Moved Tim Pann to Boeing
11/14/2001 - Changed Irista's Endura count to 10 (and listed) as per Shelley
11/14/2001 - Added Gary Martinkus as per Shelley (starts 11/19)
11/14/2001 - Removed Tom Armstrong from Corum Group
11/14/2001 - Moved Jackie Hartman to AT&T Wireless as per Cristen
11/14/2001 - Removed Tim Lawson from Getty Images as per Cristen
11/14/2001 - Removed Cathy Selin from 4js
  (moved from there to Irista, then laid off)
11/14/2001 - Reduced Irista to 15 as per Kirsten Whipple 11/3
11/14/2001 - Added Cristen Devan to Captura based on e-mail address
11/14/2001 - Removed Zaaz (Amy Desy)
11/14/2001 - Added Jim Leff to Hutchison Whampoa
11/14/2001 - Removed Heather Appel, Kirsten Fatland, Tracy Crain, 
  Trevor German and Jim Leff from CapitalStream
11/14/2001 - Added Bill Davis to i2
11/14/2001 - Added Dave Callahan to Microsoft (MSNBC)
11/14/2001 - Added Delphion (Hira, Nigel) as per Shelley
11/14/2001 - Removed (Harry Little, Mary Grossi, Jose Luis Preza)
11/14/2001 - Moved Charlie M. from OneName to AOL
11/14/2001 - Added Russell Brito to Starbucks as per FredS
11/02/2001 - Further Irista layoffs drop headcount to 15, as per 
  KirstenW, Shelley
09/20/2001 - Irista layoffs drop employee count to 27 today, as per Shelley
07/24/2001 - Added Sky Kruze (Lockstream), Barry Featherstone (PointShare),
  Removed Vitessa(Callahan), moved Blaine from Captura to Trendwest Resorts
  and removed Jen Hinds from Captura, added Darrel Perry to Getty [All from
  John Gorski]; Updated Irista totals as per Shelley
04/06/2001 - Added Louis Lauria (Attachmate) and Sean Dodson (Amazon) as per 
  Louis and Tracy Crain
04/05/2001 - Updates to Microsoft as per Mary FJ - removed Monika Skibiness
  (works for her own company, Microsoft is one of her accounts), Debbie Weber
  (left years ago); added Jim Wilson, John Betz, Rich Noffsinger
04/05/2001 - Changed Irista total to 49 as per shelleys w/Todd Martin leaving 
04/05/2001 - Added Mark Parry at Hutchison Whampoa Americas Limited as per his mail
03/25/2001 - Added John Moore after mail from him (Software Tester)
03/06/2001 - Mark Selin informed us of move to equirus
  removed Chuck from Captura;
  moved Charlie from WRQ/Holistix to OneName
02/2001 - Juan Carosso moves to PureEdge Solutions (after 2WAY)
01/2001 - John Betz has left Microsoft, Steve Henderson still there
  (from Kevin McCall)
01/2001 - Julene probably not working - Cherie Bleghm
01/2001 - Linda Fosberg at Webtrends, not Anderson (Kathy)
01/2001 - I think Kate Halstead is no longer at BBFM Creative, she has
   joined Belinda Frazier (I think) and Mary Webber at Tenzing
   - Charlie M.